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cover of water and wastewater rate brochure 2016

The Wastewater Division of InnServices Utilities Inc. is responsible for the administration, operation, and maintenance of the municipal wastewater treatment and collections systems in the Town of Innisfil. As well, the handling and land application of municipal biosolids under the Nutrient Management Act.

InnServices' Wastewater Division works diligently with the Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, and supporting partners to ensure the effective handling and treatment of municipal waste water and its by-products. Various challenges focus on environmental protection from the detrimental influence imposed from everyday water usage. This occurs by capturing and treating various nutrients and other prevalent wastewater constituents, filtering and minimizing the harmful elements, and reintroducing them into the environment at controlled doses and in areas of minimal impact.

Through best management practices and technological advancements, the InnServices Wastewater Division is committed to maintaining the health of our environment and protecting Lake Simcoe and its water shed for all of us to enjoy.


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About Your Wastewater Bill

Wastewater Rates and Billing Information

Wastewater Rates
Effective February 1, 2016


With Water Connection

New rates take effect February 1, 2016

2015 Rates

2016 Rates


% Change


Base Rate per Annum

Residential Service                





Residential Mixed Use                





Commercial, Industrial Service                      





Institutional Service                 






Consumption Rate

All Services ( per cubic meter)






Without Water Connection*


Former Rates

New Rates


% Change


Flat Fee per Annum

Residential Service                





Residential Mixed Use                





Commercial, Industrial Service                      





Institutional Service                 





*not subject to consumption charge


Sandy Cove  2015 Rate 2016 Rate  
70% of Annual Residential Base Rate  $121.07 $128.34 6%
Wastewater Rates By-Law 018-15
Water and Wastewater Rates By-Law 141-15 (effective Feb. 1, 2016)

Water and Wastewater Bills now on Your Hydro Bill

InnPower provides monthly billing of water and wastewater charges to Town of Innisfil customers. Since August 2012, you have been invoiced for these services on your hydro bill, sent from InnPower. The water and wastewater charges are shown on a separate line.

Monthly Billing From InnPower

  • Your  InnPower Utility Bill includes your monthly water/wastewater usage amount.
  • All bills received from InnPower will be payable to InnPower.

Benefits of Monthly InnPower Billing

The change in frequency of billing to monthly will provide customers with the ability to:

  • budget and manage their financial affairs,
  • detect leaks or other problems in their water services sooner and;
  • eliminate the need for an extra cheque, automatic debit or in-person visit to pay for your water/wastewater services. 

InnPower - Pre-authorized Payment Plan Form

Account in Arrears?

If water/wastewater arrears occur they will continue to be transferred to the property tax account for the service address as permitted under the Municipal Act.


Please contact InnPower Customer Service at 705-431-4321 or email


Service Fees

When a customer requests additional services relating to wastewater or sewers a Service Fee may apply.  Fees may include charges for items such as bulk septage, processed waste, after hours call-outs, CCTV Inspection or construction/development requirements relating to wastewater services.  The InnServices 2016 Wastewater Service Fees are attached on the schedule below. Fees come into effect February 1, 2016.

InnServices 2016 Wastewater Service Fees

Wastewater Services Environmental Policy

Sewer Flushing Schedules

Regularly scheduled maintenance of the sanitary sewer line will take place in various Town-assumed areas annually between June and September. Schedules will be posted on the Town's website Calendar.

Wastewater Collection & Treatment

Wastewater Treatment Plants and Operations

Lakeshore Wastewater Treatment Plant

This Plant is located at 1578 St. Johns Road and was built in two (2) stages. The first stage was built in 1987 with a capacity of treating 7,185 m³ per day or 1,600,000 gallons per day. In 1996 the second stage was commissioned doubling the capacity to 14.4MLD or 3,200,000 gallons per day. We are currently performing an environmental assessment in anticipation of the Lakeshore WWTP expansion to an anticipated 40MLD.

The Lakeshore Wastewater Treatment Plant is an extended aeration type plant with the effluent being sand filtered and disinfected using an Ultra-Violet Radiation System. The collection system consists of approximately 100 KM of gravity sewers with 4.0 KM of force main running from the six associated pump stations located in the Lakeshore area. The collection system runs from Sandy Cove in the north end, to Lefroy in the south end, and westerly as far as Hwy 11.

The six pump stations lift sewage in this sequence: #5 Pump Station which is located at 1208 Killarney Beach Road lifts the sewage from the Stoney Point area to the gravity sewer on Ewart Street. Which then flows by gravity to the # 1 Pump Station located at 1236 Maple Road. The sewage in the Belle Aire Beach and Little Cedar Point area along with Lefroy and Stoney Point is then pumped to the Lakeshore Plant. The # 2 Pump Station located at 690 6th Line pumps the sewage collected from the Tent City area directly to the Lakeshore Plant. The # 4 Pump Station located at 2298 Crystal Beach Road collects the sewage from all the areas north of Innisfil Beach Road and then pumps the sewage south to a manhole on Lakelands Avenue, where it then flows by gravity to   # 3 Pump Station located at 1692 Cedar Grove Avenue.

The sewage from # 4 Pump Station, along with the sewage collected from the area south of the Innisfil Beach Road, is then pumped to the Lakeshore Plant. There is also a temporary Pump Station at the end of Leslie Street that services eighteen homes as well as our newest addition for Innisfil Recreation Center located at #2101 Innisfil Beach Road.                                                                                     

This Plant was last inspected by the M.O.E. in February 2010 and remains in compliance.

Cookstown Wastewater Treatment Plant and Collection System

This Plant is located at 1315 Victoria Street and was originally built in 1987 with a capacity of 825 m³ per day or (180,000 gallons per day). This Plant is extended aeration type plant with two effluent retention ponds, as the effluent can only be discharged from October 1 to May 31 in any given year.

The collection system in the Cookstown area consists of 11.43 KM of gravity sewers flowing directly to the Plant Pump Station. There it is lifted to the treatment plant and the effluent discharges to the retention ponds. There is 1.48 Km of force main running from the Plant to the Innisfil Creek where the effluent is discharged.

This Plant was inspected by the M.O.E. in February 2010 and remains in compliance

InnServices Operations Completes These Activities:

  • Flow monitor, control and recording
  • Collection of wastewater samples which are sent to an independent Laboratory; results are sent to the M.O.E.
  • Sampling and application of biosolids on agricultural land
  • Analyzing microbiological effectiveness
  • Return Activated Sludge (RAS) and Waste Activated Sludge (WAS) control
  • Chemical feed rates and applications
  • Sewer main and lateral locates for various contractors and residents
  • Investigate complaints for lateral blockages and odours
  • Building maintenance
  • Flow and sampling reports
  • Pump station operation and maintenance
  • Collection system flushing and cleaning
  • Ensuring that biosolids are spread on receiving field in conformance with their certificates of approvals as issued by the Ministry of Environment
  • Conduct plant tours for various schools and organizations
  • Various other duties involving resident inquiries and complaints that are directed to this service area

Annual Reports

Wastewater Treatment Reports

2015 Reports

Cookstown 2015 Annual Report
Lakeshore 2015 Annual Report

Helpful Links

Online Resources

Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association has a number of informative articles about septic systems. 


Lake Simcoe Act information provided by the Ontario Ministry of Environment, links to other aspects of the Act are provided.


Septic Smart Information


Your Septic System

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs webpage for Frequently Asked Questions about Sewage Bio-solids. Links to other relevant information are available.

Wastewater Infrastructure Projects